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This is not just a course on improving your photography, it’s about a greater understanding of what you can achieve with your images and most importantly, it’s about having fun.

All of our safaris are focused on providing unique photographic experiences and through those there’s a fantastic opportunity to develop new techniques and learn new skills.

Part of that learning comes from being with other keen photographers – discussing your approach and sharing ideas. We also find clients benefit from the workshops, tutorials and ongoing guidance that Paul offers.

How involved you get though, is entirely up to you. All of our group trips have workshop time set aside for reviewing photos and discussing ideas and you can spend as much or as little time on these as you like.

The real aim is to have a great time with photography, if that means taking the occasional tip or spending some good one-on-one time working on technique, that’s entirely your call.

Creative composition
When it comes to composition, Paul will get you to test your creativity to the limit.
Shooting at night
Learning about shooting at night, deep in the heart of the bush, is often a real highlight for people.
Light & metering
Master the metering functions on your camera and lighting techniques to create some unique images.

In between safari activities, Paul runs workshops where you’ll have the chance to download and review your photos and get post-production and tips for the next safari.

The environment helps to set the scene and tells a story about your photograph.

Impressionist technique
Paul is renowned for his ‘Impressionist technique’ and is always keen to share his techniques on lengthening shutter speeds to create compelling images.

“Never in my life have I been as brave as I was on this trip, and it had nothing to do with sleeping within earshot of the up-curved whoops of a pack of hyenas; it was all about trying out new photography ideas. The more I tried, the more new styles and solutions I began to discover for every photographic situation that occurred.”

Melissa Valente (Independent)


A lot of people ask us, if they are relatively new to photography, whether our trips will be suitable. Absolutely!

Our trips aren’t designed for photographers of any specific level. Paul’s been travelling and shooting in Africa for over 20 years now, so has wise words for photographers, whatever stage they’re at.

We’ve yet to come across an enthusiast, total novice or seasoned pro, who hasn’t hugely appreciated the learning experience of their trip.