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Our Top Ten safaris are real gems for photographers looking for great safari experiences AND who are happy to travel on a group trip on set departure dates. However, we appreciate that that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you want something specific created just for you, then read on…

We’d be delighted to put together tailored trips for you that perfectly meet your own requirements: whether you want to visit a certain lodge, include time spent on the beach, or just have specific dates in mind, do get in touch with us.

Here are some ideas to get you going, but there are many more where they came from. We’d also love to hear your thoughts and ideas and how we can make them into a reality. Give us a call!


If you fancy just a few days with Paul, learning some new skills before heading off on a further safari adventure, then his 3-day workshop is a must. This can be booked for any time of year and can be an add-on to a further safari that we put together for you. Paul will join you in the bush and spend the days showing you how to get the most from your camera.


Looking to take your whole family with you? We have ideas of some great places where young and old will get the most from their safari experience. We’ve tried them all out and have some fabulous suggestions for you and your kids.


Our cultural & walking safari gets you off the beaten track and into some of northern Tanzania’s most spectacular environments, including trekking along the Great Rift Valley. It’s a cracking combination of adventure, fresh air, safari, culture and scenery all rolled into one trip.


We’ve just discovered Namibia and it’s a landscape photographers dream with epic colours, intense scenery and every corner you turn creates another vivid composition in front of you. We’re not offering Set Departure trips here, yet, but we can certainly help you plan the most amazing safari.


Our trips not only look and sound amazing, but they’ve been tried and tested so we know all the elements are top-notch. We plan with care and have years of safari experience to create everything we do.